How Do I Connect My Bunker Hill Security Camera to My Phone?

How Do I Connect My Bunker Hill Security Camera to My Phone?

So, you have just purchased a Bunker Hill wireless security camera and you want to connect it to your phone? You are at the right place!

In this detailed guide, we’ll tell how you can connect a Bunker Hill Security camera with your android or iPhone mobile device.

It doesn’t matter the kind of mobile or tablet device you own, you can easily connect this wireless security camera with it to view what’s outside in real-time.

About Bunker Hill Security Camera

Let’s talk a little bit about Bunker Hill Security before we get into the installation process.

Bunker Hill Security is an American security company that specializes in making security and surveillance systems for homes and offices. They manufacture wireless security cameras, DVRs, outdoor cameras, and alert systems of all kinds.

The Bunker Hill Security camera is a powerful device that allows you to set up a powerful surveillance system around your space.

The best thing about this security camera is, you can easily pair it with mobile devices. You can connect this camera with Android, Mac, and iPhone devices.

This camera offers features like multiple recording modes as well as storage features for the recorded video.

In our opinion, having a Bunker Hill Security camera is a must for every home and office. This camera will take the security of your home to a whole new level.

How to Connect/Pair Bunker Hill Security Camera to an Android Device

There are 3 steps involved in connecting the Bunker Hill Security Camera to Android or Tablet devices

Step 1: Download & Installation of a Security App

The best thing about Bunker Hill Security Camera is, it is compatible with a lot of security apps out there.

You can visit the Google Play Store and download a trusted security app from there.

Some of the most popular security apps include

Once you launch the app, it would take you to the main screen of the app. You need to navigate to the Device Manager option and then click on Add and Add Manual.

In the Add Manual Option, you’d need to enter all the details like the username, password, and IP address of DVR. Add all the information required by the app and click on Save.

Step 2: Add DVR to the App

Next, you need to add a Digital Video Recorder to the App.

Navigate to the main screen of the App and look for the Device Manager options. You’d see all the available DVRs on the screen.

You need to find the newly added connection and when you tap on it, you’d see it on the screen. 

Step 3: Preview the Channels

Now, to get the preview of the DVR on your phone, you need to go back to the main screen of the security app.

Click on the Live Preview option. Once you do that, you should be able to see 4 blank windows on the screen of your phone.

Tap on any window and then choose the Plus sign shown in the window. Choose a DVR from the list that appears in front of you. Tap on the connection that you just created and choose a camera to be displayed in the window.

If you have one camera, your job is done. If you have the complete set of 4 cameras, you can add them to an individual window in the same way. 

Step 4: Testing the Camera Performance

The next step is to test the performance of the camera. Pay special attention to how the camera works at night. You should be able to clearly see what’s outside where the cameras are placed.

Note:To get the preview, you need to make sure that the DVR and your phone are connected to the same WiFi network.

How to Connect/Pair Bunker Hill Security Camera to an iPhone Device?

Here is how you can connect the Bunker Hill Security Camera to your iPhone

Step 1: Download a Security App from App Store

You need to download a security app from the App store. The security apps for android that we have talked about here in this article have IOS-compatible versions as well.

You can download apps like the AtHome Camera, Night Owl X, or Tech Pro from the iPhone app store.

Install the app and launch it to get to the main screen.

Step 2: Choose & Save your Preferred Settings

On the top left of the app, there should be a box icon. Tap on it and it would take you to some settings.

Find the Device Manager option there and then click on the Add option.

Now, add the details like the name, username, and password in the window that shows up.

You need to enter the IP address of the security camera on the settings page. In the port option, enter the TCP of your DVR. You’d need to use the username and password that you just set up to get access to the Digital Video Recorder.

Once you have selected all the settings, you’d need to save them.

Step 3: Get the Preview

Once you have saved the settings, you need to navigate to the Device Manager option.

You should be able to see all the DVRs there. You can tap on the newly created connection and all your added information would be displayed to you on the page the shows up.

Navigate to the main screen of the app to find the Preview option. You will see 4 blank windows there. Tap on any one of the 4 windows and you’d get all the added DVRs there.

You need to choose a Channel of your DVR to get the preview. If you have multiple security cameras, you can add all of them to the system in the same manner.

You can see the channels in portrait mode or if you want to watch a channel in full-screen mode, you can double-tap on it to get the full-screen mode.

Wrapping Up

Bunker Hill Security Camera would be an excellent addition to your home or office security. This camera makes it much easier for you to maintain the security of your home.

Plus, the easy integration of this camera with mobile phone devices makes it a great choice for everyone.

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